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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

The minimum age to smash is 13. Smashers age 13-15 will need a participating adult in the room. Smashers age 16-17 will need a parent/legal guardian to sign a waiver, but are not required to be present.

Children 6 and up can participate in our Splatter Parties.


If you are pregnant or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you will not be able to participate. Please consult with your doctor if you have any health issues or concerns.

Is this safe?

Safety is our first priority. All participants are provided a safety mask, safety glasses, coveralls, and gloves. Participants are REQUIRED to wear closed-toed shoes as well as sign a waiver accepting possible risks inherent to the activity before entering rage rooms. We try to minimize risk as much as possible at Office Space without sacrificing the fun. Our goal is that each participant has an exciting and safe experience in our rage rooms.

What do I need to bring?

Closed toe shoes and your ID. That’s it! We provide the items, the equipment, and of course the room. However, you are going to be in a room where there will be lots of broken glass, so please wear clothing as you deem appropriate.

What do the different classes of breakables consist of?

Different packages have different sized breakables, to include but not limited to:


Small items: assorted glasses/cups, figurines, VHS tapes, beer bottles
Medium items: toasters, vases, wine/liquor bottles, tablets, clocks
Large items: computers, printers, laptops, kitchen appliances, TV's 32" and smaller
Extra Large Items: TV's larger than 32", pianos, mini fridges.

Specialty Items: bowling balls, bird feeders, toilets
All items depend on current store inventory.

Can I add more breakable items to my package?

Yes! You can always add more items to your package during your booked time. All add-ons are offered for a fee per item. 

Can I bring my own items?

Yes. However, this could result in a BYOB charge and all items are subject to approval before entering the room.

Can I bring my own weapons to rage with?

Short answer is no. We will provide Mallets, baseballs bats, sledge hammers, hammers, crowbars, and golf clubs to use for raging. Any suggestions for items are always welcome.

Can I add additional time onto my session?

If future bookings permit, additional time can be added on in increments of 15 minutes for $15. 

Can I listen to my own playlist?

Yes! Each room comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker for you to connect to so that you can rock out to your music of choice!

Can I take pictures and video during my session?

We love for people to have fun and share their experience at Office Space. Yet, we are not responsible for phones/recording equipment. You are encouraged to record videos and take as many pictures as you wish, at your own risk!



Can I eat or drink on property?

Office Space doesn't provide food or drinks other than water for after you rage. Currently, only the birthday packages allow outside food and drinks to be brought in.

How many rooms do you have?

We have four rage rooms at our facility. Each room features a designated wall for throwing breakables as well as a platform to hit items off of.

Do you take donations?

YES WE DO!! We love to take donations and are present during normal operating hours to take them. Please contact us to schedule a drop off time outside of business hours. Any donation will get you a 20% off coupon to use on your next smash!


ITEMS WE PREFER: dishes, glassware, glass bottles, ceramics, small wooden furniture, electronics, and Flat-screen TVs.

ITEMS WE CAN NOT TAKE: Older box (CRT) T.V.s/computer monitors, projection screen TVS, old ammo, larger appliances, lightbulbs.

If you have an item you’re not sure about call or text us.

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